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A restaurant was first built on this site about 40 years ago, and has been known previously as Tammys, Fritz’s, and most recently Tom & Sherrys. The original restaurant built in the late 1960’s by Joe and Mary Fraser was purchased by Mr & Mrs Gabriel Banyay in 1974, but one day after the purchase the building burned to the ground. The Banyays built the current log cabin building and called the restaurant Tammys.

The current owners, Drs Sue Grayston and Cindy Prescott, bought the restaurant in the fall of 2013. They had earlier purchased a nearby cottage and immediately fell in love with the Earls Cove area. They were delighted to discover the amazing mother-daughter team of Stacy and Tina Ramsey, both experienced and extraordinary cooks and bakers, who now manage and operate The Cove. At least one Ramsey is always on hand to offer a warm Sunshine Coast welcome and tempt you with their fresh, home-made meals and treats.
EarlsCabinAdjacent to the Cove is the original “Earls House” circa 1902, from which Earls Cove gets its name, one of only four heritage buildings remaining on the Sunshine Coast. Thomas Earl was a gunner in the 1st World War who was wounded and shipped to hospital in Vancouver. He married one of the nurses who cared for him, Nellie Youngblood, who had come to Canada from England in 1912 with her father, who had come to join his brother in a logging operation near Killarney Lake. After the war Thomas was employed by the Export Logging Company as a watchman to guard equipment for the company who had built a railway from the Cove to Ruby Lake to transport timber. Thomas and Nellie were married in 1919 and made their home at Earls Cove and raised their 3 sons, Leslie, Norman and Thomas, in the home. Thomas Sr was killed in an accident in 1934, Nellie survived until 1965. We are currently researching more information about the Earl family and the history of the Earls House and planning to restore the homestead.

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